​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We acknowledge the important role of the Avon River Heritage Society Museum at Avondale, Nova Scotia, Canada, on the original site of the Mosher-Harvie Shipyards.

The Museum is a local hub of interest, history, genealogy, arts, geology and community engagement. It is worth a visit if you are interested in the local history of the area and the families that lived and worked there. There are many wonderful exhibits that chronicle the rich industries and families such as the Mosher Family, that sustained the community of Newport and surrounds. Their website is a wonderful historical record. It was a pleasure to visit there and the hospitality of the staff was wonderful. If you are interested subscribe to their Facebook page as there is lots of interesting historical stories and events.

You can also contact West Hants Historical Societyin Windsor, Hants, Nova Scotia for local history publications, family histories, photos and maps. They also have a wonderful Museum, local and experienced volunteer staff who can assist with local family genealogy and research.

There are many versions and retellings of the early Mosher History coming from Alsace in the 15th C and going to England, especially those written without a listed source.

This is understood and noted here.

Chronological History of the Mosher Family from the Seventeenth Century to the present date

by William Mosher of Mosherville Hants 1891. Download from Archive.org in pdf or epub format.

This was written by the great grandson of James and Lydia through Joseph Mosher 1768-1859, Joseph 1799-1885 and Lydia Anthony1802-1888. William was born in 1824 and the family historian and lived in Mosherville. He married his cousin Harriet Mosher, daughter of James Mosher 1789-1873 and Rachel Lahey 1791-1861. William died in 1913 and he and Harriet had one son Austin Mosher (1854-1920)

The Rhode Island Emigration to Nova Scotia by Ray Greene Huling A.M. 1889


                                           Book sources of information

* Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Mosher through Seven Generations by Mildred Mosher

   Chamberlain; Laura McGaffey Clarenbach, pub 1980. Primary source. 

* Newport, Nova Scotia a Rhode Island Township by John. V. Duncanson pub. 1985

  (Available from West Hants Historical Society along with other local history publications)

* Planter Nova Scotia 1760-1815 Newport Township by Julian Gwyn pub. 2010

* The Age of Sail: Master shipbuilders of the Maritimes by Stanley T. Spicer pub. 2005

* Newport Landing, A Historical Report written in 1976 by Paul Webb. Edited by Jessica Patterson and

   published in 2005 by the ARHSM, with permission of the author.

* Windsor, Nova Scotia: A Journey into History by L.S. Loomer. Pub 1996, West Hants Historical Society.

* New England's Generation: The great migration and the formation of society and culture in the  

  seventeenth century by Virginia DeJohn Anderson, pub 1991. Cambridge University Press.

* New England Nation: The Country the Puritans built by Bruce C. Daniels. Pub 2012 by Palgrave


​​                                                     Welcome

This website is an informal site for information related to James Mosher and Lydia Allen and their descendants who arrived in this area in May 1760 from Rhode Island, New England, with other Planter families. They are referred to as "The English Moshers" as their origins in 1600 came from Cucklington. The Moshers had very large families family sizes, most lived long lives and they were very productive. Notably there were living in the Avondale, Mosherville, and Hants Township of Nova Scotia. They were mill owners, sea captains and master mariners, ships crew, carpenters, farmers, ship builders. These skills extended across family and extended family as many married into other Planter families - Anthony, Campbell, Card, Chambers, Constantine, Fish, Greeno (Greenough),Harvie, Macumber, Ward and Wilcox.

Many family left to live and work and pursue new lives in parts in the United States of America. 

If you have a story about a Mosher descendant of James and Lydia, we would love to hear from you.

Email: contact@mosherinformation.com


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