​​​​​​​​​James mosher and lydia allen

James Mosher was born on 17 July 1725 at Tiverton, Rhode Island in New England which is now the  Unites States of America. He was the son of Nicholas Mosher (1702-1765) and Dorothy/Dorithy Potter b1713 (daughter of Stokes Potter). Dorothy through intention of marriage did not marry him though producing a son, James and Nicholas married Rebecca Wilcox. There is a lot of conjecture as to this information as there is limited facts and DNA unfortunately does not extend that far back to authenticate the relationships. Dorithy Potter did marry Richard Smith in 1730/1731.

James married Lydia Allen in Dartmouth MA on 28th Oct 1748, the daughter of Increase Allen (1694-1771) and Lydia Allen (1700-1772). The Mosher family had lived in Tiverton, Rhode Island and Massachusetts for four generations and were very prominent. James and Lydia decided to go to Nova Scotia and this is only about their line on this website.

The history of the Planter families that migrated to Nova Scotia from 1760 are well documented in book publications and online articles, journals and websites. It is an important story not only for the history of modern Canada but family stories that give us a better understanding of their accomplishments and struggles.  The book resource, Newport, Nova Scotia, A Rhode Island Township" by John V Duncanson.  published in 1985 is a valuable resource for the history of the Mosher family in Newport Township as  well as other families, some which the family connected with through marriage. It was reprinted in 2002 by the West Hants Historical Society.

After arriving on the Sloop "Lydia" in May 1760, the first order of business was for James and other families who arrived, to attend meetings to petition Halifax for a separate township from Falmouth, which was the original township.  This petition succeeded and on July 22 1861 the township of Newport was registered. James received a land grant as part of the settlement in Newport Township, Lot 3rd division No 1. He was a Millwright and built the first mill in the township for grinding grain. James was involved in public affairs and meetings as a leader and contributor. He would have known many of the families well in their associations before leaving New England.  These associations became stronger with a commitment to this new life and community in a new country. 

James Mosher and Lydia Allen had 13 children. 7 children were born in New England and 6 were born in Newport Township, Nova Scotia. Olive who was born on 19 Jul 1753 in Dartmouth MA did not come with her parents and siblings to Nova Scotia in 1760. She remained in New England and went on to marry Captain Barnabus Howland, the captain of an East India merchant ship, in 1770. The reasons she remained in New England are unknown. 

The children born in Dartmouth, MA, New England:

Amy  b 13 Feb 1749 and died in 1817 Newport NS. Married Archibald Harvie and had 8 children.

Barzillai b 9 Sep 1751 and died in 1836 at sea. Married Margaret Harvie and had 10 children.

Olive b 19 Jul 1753 and died 19 Mar 1837, NY USA. She had 7 children with Capt. B Howland.

Sarah b 10 Mar 1754. Married James Campbell and had 13 children, lived in Stanley, Hants NS.

Jehu b 1755 and died 3 Mar 1851. First marriage to Hannah Greeno (1760-1804) and they had 12 children. Second marriage to Eleanor Foley (1784-1867) and they had 10 children. 

Lydia b 1756. Married John Densmore and had 11 children.

Allen b 1758. Married Esther Wilcox of Kempt and  had 12 children and known as Kempt Moshers.

The children born in Newport Township, Nova Scotia:

Deliverance b 1760 and died 1857. Married John Macumber and had 10 children.

Rhoda b 1762 and died 1830. Married Simon Ward and had 10 children.

Nicholas b 1766 and died 13 Nov 1832 Mosherville NS. Married Polly Greeno and had 15 children. 

He was a builder of bridges and shipbuilder building first sloop launched in 1807.

Joseph b 14 Oct 1768  and died 19 Aug 1859 at Mosherville. Married Priscilla Greeno in 1788 and they had 10 children. Joseph was a Carpenter.

George b 1771 and died 22 Nov 1844. Married Margaret Thompson and had 9 children. He was a farmer, wheelwright and Carpenter. His sons Ira and Nicholas (known as Nicholas Jnr) were part of the Mosher shipbuilding empire.

Elizabeth b 1774 and died 28 Jun 1852. Married James Constantine who was a teacher and they had 6 children.