​​​​​jehu mosher

Jehu Mosher was born in 1755 in Tiverton, Rhode Island in New England. He was the fifth child of James and Lydia Mosher. Jehu was a farmer. The Mosher Genealogy refers to Jehu's great strength. On one occasion he carried an anchor for a wager for 30 feet without breathing, with the anchor raised to his shoulders. The account concludes with a statement that the soles of his boots were "burst out". Jehu won the bet. He is father of two prominent shipbuilders with his first wife Hannah. Jehu Jr b1783 and Nicholas Sr. Exactly when the first Mosher Shipyard was built is not certain. He died 3rd Mar 1851 at the age of 96 years.


1. Hannah Greeno (1760-1804), daughter of Daniel Greeno who was a grantee at Falmouth N.S.

2. Eleanor Foley (1784-1867), daughter of Thomas and Sarah Foley. 

Children with Hannah Greeno:

Priscilla 1778-1866 married Charles George Malcolm

Jehu 1783-1864. married to Mary Burgess and their children Silas, Sarah, John Edward, Ann, Hannah, Jane, Matilda, Jehu Allen, Ezekiel.

Daniel 10 Sep 1786-25 May 1851. Married Levina Black.Moved with family to Ontario. Their children

Hannah 1810-1886, Jehu, Eliza, Matilda 1819, Reuben, Archibald 1823, John Barzillai 1826-1898

Sarah 1828-1895, William 1832-1853.

James married Mary Smith. 

Nicholas 1792-1871 married Nancy Malcolm.

Allen 1792-1865 married Jenny Proctor and their children Olive 1829, Rev J.A. Mosher 1832,

James Taylor, Melinda Jane, William.

Reuben 1796-11 Jan 1885. married Elizabeth Mosher (daughter of Joseph b 1768 & Priscilla) and their children Priscilla 1821, Reuben 1823, Daniel 1826, George L 1830, James N. 1832, Thomas, Joseph and


Matilda 1798-31 Oct 1860 married George Armstrong (1792-1867)

Hannah married George Fox

​​​​​Children with Eleanor Foley
Jehu's second marriage to Eleanor Foley (1784-1867), born in Washington, Rhode Island, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Foley.​
Noah William 1807-17 Jul 1872 married Sarah Eliza Stillman b 1812 and their children Rachel Salome 1830, Omen Edward 1830-1893, Clementina Harrison 1834-1905, Damaris E. 1841-1923
Leander H. 1845-1883 married Jessie Read (1849-1905) 
Children: Jessie Viola 1871-1955 married John Charles Walworth.
Mabel Montgomery 9 Feb 1875-20 Jul 1942 3 marriages and 2 sons. Actress. Died in Hawaii.
Noah William 1847-1914 Took over Lighthouse Keeping duties when his father Noah Senior died.
Ark 1809
Branch 1811 married 1. Sophia Lockhart 2. Maria Lockhart, her sister
Child: James Branch 1835-1894 mother Sophia died. James married the widow Morris. No issue. He was a fine mechanic, a ship-joiner and did the work of joining many ships at Avondale.
Rachel Dove 1812-1871 married George Peleg "Eli" Sanford (1803-1872) and their children William Wilson Sandford b1834, Charles Wesley Sandford 1838-1871, George Nelson Sandford 1840-1913, Sarah Ellen Sandford 1844-1877.
Nelson 1818-1878. Sea Captain. married to 1. Margaret Murphy 2. Catherine Murphy (her sister)
Children: Ellen (1842-1923), Annet (1843-1901), Narraway b 1845 by 1st marriage
Lillian (1864-1931), McKewen b 1866, Margaret and Almona by 2nd marriage.
Sarah Freelove 1820-1894 married William Chambers (1806-1888) and their children Loran, Angelina, Collonwood, Seymour, Henrietta and Arthur.
William 1822-1871 married 1. Maria Harvie 2. Mary Bell. William was a seaman and was washed overboard from the barque Eugena and drowned.
Children by Maria: Woodberry b1846, William Peoples 1847-1899 and Wilson.

Nelson, Norman and Charles were by his second wife Mary Bell.
Martha (7 Jun 1823-15 May 1901) married Captain James W. Anthony (son of Jacob) b 1817 and their children Napoleon, Leila, Rachel, Vincent, Wesley, Alfonso, Clarence and Leberta. When Leberta was in her teens her father died of heart disease in Antwerp when still quite young.
George H. 1826-1871 married Mary Warnock
Children: Clementine (1858-1938), Major Lester b1859, Aurilla died 1899, Villa and Georgia.
Wesley 1828-1910 married Betsey Maddox
Children: Eleanor Priscilla (1861-1914), Arthur Wesley (1862-1934), Frederick N. born 1865 and Leila b1870.