​​​​​Joseph mosher 

Joseph Mosher was born on 17 Oct 1768 at Newport, Nova Scotia. He was the eleventh child of James and Lydia. Joseph married Priscilla Greeno, daughter of Daniel, grantee of Falmouth, N.S.

Joseph was a Carpenter.


James 1789-1873 Sea Captain. Married Rachel Lahey. Died at Mosherville.

Barzillai 1791-1852. Married Nancy Harvie.

Daniel 1793-1863 Died in Gaspe, Quebec

Daniel was married 3 times. Daniel was a carpenter and died in Gaspe on 7 Dec 1863. He was buried at St Mathews Cemetery, Peninsula, Gaspe. No gravestone found.
1. Jenny Ryan
Children; Priscilla born 1817, Elizabeth who married Captain Vance and Stephen Bovis, 
James 1819-1860,
2. Margaret Ward  (possibly connected to Simon Ward family)

Children; Daniel 1820-1845, Allen born 17 May 1822, Mary Ann 28 Dec 1826- 17 Dec 1903 married John Siddon Ascah (1820-1896), Albert Barzillai born 6 Dec 1832,

3. Jane McCoy

George born 1834 and died 24 May 1890 in Toronto and married to Ellen Cunning, Joseph born 1835, Robert born 1 July 1838 and died 22 Mar 1904 and married to Charlotte Neal and Mary Harriet Rose.

William born on 22 May 1840 and died 18 Aug 1915 and married to Margaret Ann Davis, Hiram born 16 Sept 1842 and died 21 Nov 1903 in Ontario and married Eliza Embree/Emery, Nathaniel born 16 Jan 1844 and died 1 Jun 1894 and married to Emily Francis Bidderson, Harriet Emma born 11 Jul 1846 and died 30 Jan 1875 married George Walter Miller, John Byron born 4 Mar 1847 and died 22 Jun 1927 married Jane Day, Margaret Ellen born 27 Sept 1849 and died 18 Dec 1880 married David Janvren Rabey, Rufus Daniel born 29 Jan 1856 and died 29 Apr 1925 married to Maria Ann McDonald.

Elizabeth 1796-1885. Married Reuben Mosher of Jehu.

Nicholas 1796-1864. Lived in Walton, N.S. Marriage to Fanny Young

Joseph 1799-1885 Lived in Mosherville, Nova Scotia. Married Lydia Anthony, daughter of Noah. Worked as a millwright, wheel-wright. 

Mary 1801-1884 Married Captain George Card.Lived in Eastport, Maine. He was killed at Halifax in work accident on Port.

William 1803-1833 Unmarried.

Amy 1805-1892 Married Isaac Fish.

George 1807-1871. Lived in Presque, Maine. Married Mary Ann McNab who was born in New Brunswick.