​​​​​amy mosher

Amy Mosher was born on 13 Feb 1749 in Dartmouth, New England. She was the eldest child of James and Lydia Mosher. Amy married Archibald Harvie born in Dairy, Ayrshire, Scotland (1743-1839), son of James Harvie and Margaret Boyle. She died in 1817 in Newport, Hants, Nova Scotia.


James 1765 - 1824, farmer, married Mary Black. 10 children. 

Archibald 1786-1856  married Elizabeth Densmore 1796-1873




Mahalia married Joseph Northup

Agnes (Nanny) married 25.5.1814 to John Northup

Amy married 9.2.1825 to John Anthony

Mary married 8.1.1818 to Patrick Walker

Sabra married 28.1.1826 to Robert Lank, an English Officer.

Eliza married 9.4.1829 to Joseph Parker.

Agnes 1768 - 1852  married Noah Anthony 1759-1844, son of John Anthony and Ruth Allen. 12 children.

Jacob b 23.2.1786 married Rachel Mosher

James b 26.4.1788 married Amy Harvie

Amy b 17.4.1790 married William Hanes

Richard b 28.6.1792 married Susan Kirkpatrick

Agnes b 6.10.1795 married Jehu Mosher

Ruth b 3.10.1796 married Archibald Harvie

Archibald b 22.10.1799 married Lydia Harvie 

Lydia b 13.2.1802 married Joseph Mosher

John b 16.3.1804 married Amy Harvie

Noah b 2.2.1806

Margaret b 18.10.1811 married Stephen Salter

Mahala b 2.1.1814 married Stephen Dimock

Archibald 1770 - 1.6.1857 married Sarah Smith and had 10 children.

Thomas 1796-1841 married Elizabeth Miller

James 1803-1889 married Elizabeth Lockhart

Phillip 1805-1871 married Rebecca Malcolm

John A 1811-11.1.1887

Joel 1818-1901 married Margaret Jane Fox

Amy 1789-1844 married James Anthony

Lydia b1806 married Archibald Anthony

Agnes 1815- 10.4.1835 married David Smith 

Sarah married Shubael Dimock

Eliza 1810-9.11.1829

John married Margaret Smith and had 13 children.

Lydia 1795 - 21.1.1871 married Benjamin Card 1783-13.10.1852

Nicholas 1799 - 27.11.1881 married Catherine Malcolm 1810-1887


Elizabeth 1802 - 15.4.1881 married Asaph Sanford, his 2nd m, son of Peleg Sanford

Thomas b1809 married Parthany Card b1801. They lived at Cheverie, NS.

Margaret b1810 married Archibald Harvie of Summerville, son of James and Martha Harvie.

James A 


Jacob Israel b1824



Elvira 1827-21.5.1897. Lived at Burlington NS.

Amy married Job Card, son of Job Card and Frances Wilcox.

Robert 1774 - 1860  married 1. Sarah Greeno  2. Elizabeth Black

1. Archibald (Little Arch) 1797- 22.4.1884 married 1. Ruth Anthony 2. Elizabeth Miller.

1.  James b Aug. 1797- 3.1.1893 married Mehitable Harvie, daughter of Stephen and Esther Sanford

2. Nicholas 1812- 19.1.1893 married Elizabeth Ettinger

2. Sarah

2. Mary (Mary and Abigail attended the Noel Road School 30.11.1834, Charles Ross, teacher)

2. Abigail b1818

2. Amy 24.10.1810 - 1.5.1898 married John Anthony 

Nicholas 1781 - 1868  married Olivia Densmore (cousin), daughter of John Densmore and Lydia Mosher

5 children; George, Amy married Job Anthony, Ann married Nicholas Mosher and 2 other children.

Barzillai 1782 - 1873 married Fanny Card b1777

5 children; George, James, Job, Eliza married Josiah Parker, Clarissa married Lockwood Fox.

Lydia 1784 - 1859 married Archibald Harvie.