There are many graveyards in the Hants area where many Mosher ancestors and their families rest. Sadly we have been able to locate the graves of James and Lydia Mosher. 

As time goes on the graves are at risk of deterioration and some are located on family properties that Mosher family and spouses have owned and still own. We are trying to make sure many are photographed for posterity.Find a graveand Billiongraves websites and family history websites are the places to add them. Even if it is not your descendant it is a great thing to put up as family live in all parts of the world. Not every grave can be found and some cannot be read but they are known to God. If you have a grave query about Mosher family contact us. The Moser family of Lunenburg that originated with the arrival of Hans Jacob Moser in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1751 are not connected to our line of Moshers.

         Mosher Family burial grounds 

Newport Landing Cemetery, Avondale, Nova Scotia, Canada taken June 2016