There are many graveyards in the Hants area of Nova Scotia where many Mosher ancestors and their families rest. Many descendants moved to the United States where their Mosher ancestors originally came from prior to 1760.

As time goes on the graves slowly deteriorate with time and weather. Find a grave  and Billiongraves websites list the cemeteries and the graves that have been photographed.

There is a local recently updated guide to the cemeteries, Cemeteries along the Hants Shore, published by Dawn Allen, West Hants Historical Society. Windsor.

This can be purchased at the West Hants Historical Society.

Please respect private property at all times when looking for ancestors as many of the private cemeteries are adjacent to properties owned. The guide has a map with all cemetery locations and access information.

If you have a grave query about location of descendants of James and Lydia Mosher please email us. We have local descendants who can assist you if you are visiting the area.  

            Mosher Family burial grounds