OLIVE Mosher:

Olive Mosher was born on 19 July 1753 at Dartmouth, Massechussets in New England.  She was the third child of James and Lydia. Olive married Barnabas Howland on 10 Nov 1770 in Dartmouth, Massechussets. Barnabas was the Captain of an East India merchant ship. Olive did not accompany her parents, James and Lydia and siblings to Nova Scotia, remaining in New England. She married there aged 17 and raised a family with Barnabas. She died 19 Mar 1837 in Washington County, N.Y, U.S.A.


Reuben Howland 1771-1845

Allen Howland 1773

Jethro Howland 1775-1824

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Lydia Howland 1781-6/2/1856

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