​​​​​allen mosher

Allen Mosher was born in 1758 in Tiverton, Rhode Island in New England.

He was the seventh child of James and Lydia Mosher.

Allen married Esther Wilcox, daughter of Benjamin Wilcox of Kempt N.S. He had a large piece of land and settled down to farming. They had 14 children, 3 dying young. 

Allen died in 1834.  

Children known as the Kempt Moshers:

Francis "Fanny" (1787-1870) married Caleb Lake (1783-1868) and their children Caleb, George, Sally, Fanny, Esther, Benjamin and several others?

Rhoda (1792- ) married 1. David Burgess 2. Captain Arza Adux Wilcox

Jehu (1797- 6 Apr 1865) married Esther Wilcox Jr and their children Jane, Byard, Adeline, Amelia Emma, Phoebe, Mary Matilda and Amy.

Allen (1799-) married Eliza Jane Burgess and their children George, Reuben, Louisa, Frederick, Augusta, Henry, Florence and Thomas. 

Wilcox (1801-1873) married Isabelle McDougall and their children Allen, Robert, Mary, Margaret, Fanny, Jane and Daniel.

Robert (1807-1851) married 1. Mercy Armstrong and she died without issue. 2. Lydia Francis and they had one daughter Mercy Ann.

Polly married John McLellan and their children John, Allen, Joseph, Lafayette, Robert, William and Mrs Hiltz. 

Simon  married Sarah Lyons and their children Allen, Esther, Olive, Lydia Jane and Adeline Amelia. Both died of smallpox in Belfast, Maine.


Amy married William Henry and their children Elias, Allen, William, Charles, Esther, Phoebe, Loraine, Fanny, Temperance and Mary.

Benjamin married Isabel Lake and their children Allen, Benjamin and William. Several died when young.

Rebecca married Stephen Lake and had one daughter named Lydia. Rebecca died just after Lydia was born. 

Lydia married 1. John Terhune  and their children Jehu, John, Allen and Mary Matilda. John Terhukle died and Lydia remarried.  2. ? Marshall and their children, two boys and one girl.